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When I walked into Suit Yourself I was greeted by a friendly face that put me at ease. From there I was treated as a valued woman and this really built up my self-worth. As she helped me collect new clothes I experienced an acceptance of myself and of the beauty I was hiding by what I was wearing.


I appreciate the clothing you all have provided for me but it was much more than just clothes. It was an emotional lift. Thank you to all the ladies involved with Suit Yourself and the generous donors that help make it possible


The Suit Yourself Boutique has been a blessing for our students who needed specific attire for special occasions.  With graduation and our senior social event, many of our young female students just don’t have the additional income or resources to purchase something special to wear.  Because of Suit Yourself, many of our students have been treated with special outfits for the big senior events, and additionally, outfits to help them in their future career journey.  The volunteers who work for Suit Yourself are simply amazing, and treated our students with such attention and consideration that our students left not only looking great, but feeling great as well.  The Suit Yourself Boutique is an amazing resource for women in our community, and we are so fortunate to have it here in Springfield. 

Tiffany Brunner, OTC Director of Middle College

When I first started volunteering at the Suit Yourself Boutique, I thought I would be helping women get back into the work force in a positive way.  The surprise was how much I get out of it every time.  When a woman steps out of the dressing room in an outfit that we put together and she looks absolutely fantastic—I feel as proud as she does!!!  To see the transformation of a woman into someone with confidence is the best!!  We all walk a little taller and put our shoulders back a little more when we know we look good no matter who it is.
– Virginia Jones